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Email Audits & Data Analysis

You’ve been trying your hand at email for awhile, but is it actually making a difference? During this deep dive into your emails, we’ll be looking at what’s working, what’s not, and how we can make it better. As a foundational pillar of your business, these audits focus on the process, metrics, and strategy of your efforts so you can make smart choices moving forward.

Email Deliverability Repair

Are your emails getting red flagged by Google? Have your open rates taken a nosedive because of SPAM complaints? Don’t panic—we’re here to help. With a comprehensive edit and detailed re-engagement plan, we boost your email deliverability so the customers who need to see it actually get it.

Email Strategy

With email strategy, you’ll be equipped with expertise on the visual design and layouts of your emails, our tested and proven tactics, and the architecture of your sequences. The end result? Your team will have a solid knowledge base for getting more out of email (and complimentary channels like Facebook), for a more robust workforce and higher engagement rates.

Lifecycle Flows Automation

This done-for-you service takes the entire workload off your plate (and off your endless to-do list), and delivers all the email flows you need to increase your revenue by 10-25%. From graphic design and copywriting to physically setting up the sequence in Klaviyo, all you’ll need to do to profit is press play.

Email Production & Support

Did you know that 24% of customers actually like to be contacted more than once a week? If thinking about those daily or weekly campaigns makes your blood pressure spike, schedule your freebie consult. We handle the graphic design, clever copywriting, and coding of all your “batch and blast” campaigns so your entire company’s at max efficiency.

Email Subscriber Acquisition

Email lists have the highest ROI of any current marketing channel we’ve seen. To help grow your list, we implement a variety or tactics and software that dramatically increase your email subscriber opt-in rates. The result? More people listening to what you’re doing, and buying what you’re selling.


Lifecycle Marketing. It’s Our Jam.

Lifecycle marketing seeks to address your audience’s needs as they evolve from prospects to customers to advocates. It requires a thorough understanding of your target audience and a unique dedication to retaining and growing their value long-term. At Mineral.io we’re experts in crafting these sorts of systems and using data to inform our decisions.

About Mineral.io

At Mineral.io, we’re the NYC-based team of e-commerce industry vets dedicated to finding BS-free solutions for our clients—and then executing those plans to perfection.

Klaviyo LogoAs a Klaviyo Platinum Professional Partner, we help you fully leverage Klaviyo’s insanely powerful automation capabilities, to increase profits, customer retention, and brand loyalty. There’s simply no better way to increase your marketing ROI than with email, and since Klaviyo makes more data available to you than any other platform, it also enables better segmentation – whether it’s based on behavior, properties, or engagement with previous campaigns. Yep, we’re gushing over this platform. Sign up for a FREE Klaviyo trial here.

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