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As Klaviyo Professional Partners we help you take full advantage of Klaviyo’s powerful automation capabilities, to increase sales, retention, and brand loyalty.

There’s no easier way to increase your marketing ROI than with email. And since Klaviyo makes more data available to you than any other platform, it also enables better segmentation – whether it’s based on behavior, properties, or engagement with previous campaigns.

Why Mineral.io?

In art, life, and ecommerce, you just don’t know what you don’t know. That goes for old paintings of large women, $700 high heels, and… unfortunately… your ecommerce store. Because as passionate or passive as you may be about your online store, how do you really know if you’re seeing everything?

What if a massive growth opportunity is sitting right in front of you?
What if you’ve forked out onto a technical path of destruction?


In the traditional business environment, doing things the hard way is how you achieve greatness. It worked for John D. Rockefeller and Clint Eastwood before the Internet, and it’s still working in cubicles across the world today.

But in ecommerce? Doing things the hard way just means you didn’t do enough research. It means you didn’t talk to the right people, and you aren’t going to make it very far.

Every week, we talk with hundreds of entrepreneurs, ecommerce professionals, and business owners. They’re fighting ecommerce knots we untangled years ago. And when we’re done? They’re past them, too.

Whatever you need, that’s what you get with Mineral.IO consulting. Wireframes and project proposals? Check. Debrief-by-phone and contractor recommendations? Check. As formal or as informal as you need. Double check.

There’s shortcuts, and then there’s getting from one place to another faster

This isn’t about cheating. This is about skipping the late nights, the headaches, and the endless manual research to sort out questions we’ve already answered.

Stop being a detective and start being a general.

You don’t need a lecture on CSS versus Javascript. You need a deep dive into the process and vision of your ecommerce project. You need functionality requirements, success criteria, and expert insight.

You need a pack of attack dogs. Our attack dogs. A team to get in the trenches with you, vet vendors, talk software solutions, and co-create a vision of success.

And when we set 13-years-in-online-retail attack dogs and our top-notch-developer attack dogs on your problems, your problems whiz themselves.

Business gets weird

Here at Mineral.IO, we’re unconventional. But so is ecommerce. So when we started saving clients thousands of dollars in software development, time, and frustration, we started being okay with unconventional.

And you know what? Some conventional things should be unconventional.

Why is it conventional to play email ping-pong with technical partners or outsourced developers? Why is it conventional to wing it with your ecommerce business (which is what you’re doing if you aren’t talking with us)?

Embrace the unconventional. You’ll crack open a world of efficient, focused ecommerce success. We did, and we can help you do it, too.

The beauty of email is that it can  be highly automated, allowing retailers to achieve epic growth in a resource-constrained environment. Here are some examples of the campaigns we can implement to increase retention and conversion.

Cart Recovery
If you’re not recovering at least 10% of your carts – you’re throwing money away.
On average, 68% of carts are abandoned. We’ve developed a highly effective system that will recover up to 16% of abandoned revenue.

Re-engagement Campaigns
Returning customers are 5x more likely to convert than first-time buyers. They probably represent one of your biggest untapped sources of revenue. We use Klaviyo’s powerful segmenting tools to connect with customers over the long-term and increase their brand loyalty. We analyze your store data to re-engage customers at optimal times and increase retention.

Grow your list
Capture between 2-5% of your visitors with our custom-built lead capture system. About 98% of your site traffic leaves without buying. You put too much effort and money into bringing customers to your store, to simply let them slip away. We define your custom offer, create your lead-magnet and build your lead-capture system, all tailored to best reach your audience.

Turn visitors into buyers
Visitors who sign up to your list are telling you they are interested in your brand. It’s up to you to turn them into buyers. We help you engage with your new site visitors by sending high value content built to convert. Our system converts up to 9% of subscribers into first time buyers.

Our Process

Step 1: Email Audit

I always start by going through the Google and Facebook analytics/tracking code placements and making sure they are correctly set up (quite often there are script copy-paste errors and other misconfigurations, multiple tags etc.). Having accurate data is the starting point for all marketing actions. I can also setup Google Adwords Dynamic Remarketing for you if it’s not enabled yet.

Step 2: Klaviyo Software Integration

Here we do the following:

  1. Make sure your store is properly integrated with Klaviyo
  2. Make sure all your store email integrations go to Klaviyo (and into the right list)
  3. Move to single opt-in without email confirmation if preferred

Step 3: Customization

Here we do the following:

  1. Modify all templates to look awesome & match your branding
  2. Style the update email preferences pages and forms to match your branding

Optional Add-ons

Even more comprehensive and future-proof automation system that helps you create a deeper connection and sell more! Get all the best practices and some special ninja tactics in place to boost your growth and community.

Set up Klaviyo product feeds for all main product categories so that those can be used in automated and campaign emails to automatically pull trending and best-selling products from your store (excluding the ones the customer has bought already).

Add also exit intent popup displayed if the visitor is about to leave. Show e.g. a % discount as incentive. Could also do a cart abandonment popup which triggers with a special message if a customer with something in the cart tries to leave.

Set up follow-up/offer sequence if an existing subscriber browsed a product multiple times but didn’t buy.

If your Shopify order notifications emails are not already stylishly branded or mobile compatible, let’s match their look and feel with the Klaviyo marketing emails. Also I’ll review that esp. the order confirmation email includes answers to most common support questions.

A multi-day sequence that branches, taking into account the cart value so that we can add a couple of special tricks for high-value carts to add extra incentive to return and place the order.

Auditing, copywriting and coordinating emails sent by an external product review tool such as Yotpo to maximize your chances of getting brilliant customer reviews that help you boost sales.

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